Friday, 6 September 2013

It's a Small World

The iPad is a truly wonderful device. I can create with it almost anywhere. With the exception that I used a camera to take most of the shots in this post, the final post processing for what you see was all done on the iPad.

The featured app, if you will, is called MarbleCam, and although it's probably considered a 'one-trick pony', it does yield an interesting effect. For these images, I browsed the iPad library of my images and then ran them through the following routine:

  1. MarbleCam (very little to manipulate here)
  2. Perfectly Clear (does a great "first pass" to enhance the image)
  3. Snapseed (further adjustments as needed)
If you're wondering why I didn't run them through Perfectly Clear first, I wanted the backgrounds to be as soft as possible, so I only wanted to enhance it after being marbleized.

Because I couldn't post images as a grid from my editor (Blogsy), I created single images of a 3x3 grid using an app called PicFrame. These I could easily paste into the blog.

I love the little worlds you can create using MarbleCam...

(The top-left and bottom-right in this matrix features processing the image with the Craze app before 'marbleizing'.

The most effective images seem to have the horizon in the middle to get the best "reflection".

Ciao for now,

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